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Green Lawn Starter Bundle

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This is the perfect kit that includes all the materials needed to start a new lawn, or renovate an existing one. Included in this bundle is the following:

  • 1 x Westland Lawn Seed/Fertiliser Drop Spreader.
  • 1 x 1.5kg Bag Premium Lawn Seed.
  • 1 x 5Kg Bag Professional Grade fertiliser.

Please see individual item details below:

  1. Drop Spreader

This Lawn Drop Spreader is great for the easy and accurate application of our lawn treatment products, as well as grass seed. The spreader also has a simple to use calibration setting for your different spreading requirements.

  • Traditional drop spreader with on/off switch.
  • Ideal for applying fertiliser and grass seed.
  • Spreading width 41cm (16 inches)

How to Use

  • ‌Before inserting your lawn product, always set the adjustable lever to zero.
  • ‌Do not fill the spreader on the lawn. Place the spreader on a sheet of newspaper or plastic to avoid spillage on paths/patios.

  • ‌Set calibration lever on top of the hopper to appropriate setting to start applying the product. It is important to start walking immediately after the lever is set as the product will start discharging from the spreader.
  • ‌It is recommended to treat 2/3 stripes of lawn alongside fences and hedges to avoid having to make difficult manoeuvres along these perimeters. This will allow you to treat the rest of the lawn in stripes.

  • ‌Walk at a steady pace up and down the lawn, slightly overlapping the edges to prevent stripes until you have covered the required distance.

  • ‌If rain does not fall within 48 hours, it is best to water the lawn thoroughly.

  • ‌The lawn is safe for use by children and pets once the product has been watered in.


2. 1.5kg Bag Premium Lawn Seed.

This Grass Seed Mix Contains The Following Cultivars:

60% = Dwarf Perennial Ryegrass: Jubliee 

35% = Strong Creeping Fescue: Dipper

5% = Chewings Fescue: Bardiva

Description: This lawn seed mix is specially blended for a low maintenance, hard-wearing lawn that has excellent colour and uniform appearance. The Ryegrass conatined in the mix is hard wearing and has a dark green colour. The Fescue contained in the mix is a wispier grass that tolerates shade and drought. This is an all round premium lawn seed mix that is Irish certified quality.

Coverage: Up to 45m2

Sowing: March to September

Cutting: March to November

How to Start a Lawn From Seed


If you are overseeding into your existing lawn, make sure any moss and weeds are removed first. You can do this through scarification. This will allow the grass seeds to make contact with the soil and give it it's best chance to grow.

If you are sowing a new lawn, clear the soil as best you can of stones and other debris, and try to rake it smooth.

Sowing Grass Seed

Spread the lawn seed evenly over the area at a rate between 35g to 50g per square metre. After the grass seed is spread, rake it lightly into the soil. Roll over the area with something, or stamp it in with your foot. Water the area.


When temperatures are above 15°C you will start to see the seed germinating. It is very important to keep the area moist the from the day the seed is sown until the grass is established.

After Care

When the grass is established, and has reached 8cm to 10cm in height, cut it for the first time. Be careful not to turn your lawn mower too aggressively at this early stage as the grass will still be weak. Refrain from using a ride on mower on new lawns until it is well established, and can handle the wear.

Applying a fertiliser, will help establishe your lawn quicker. A new lawn requires fertiliser to establish it. Over time the lawn will build up its own bank of organic matter, and fertiliser will not be so necessary. Our Landscaper pro fertiliser is a top quality lawn fertiliser.

Patch Work

If you are just patching up some dead spots in an existing lawn, loosen the soil in the patch first. Sprinkle seed into the patch. Rake it in. Follow the same after care instructions as above.

3. 1 x 5Kg Bag Professional Grade fertiliser.

The Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium (NPK) make up of this fertiliser is 20-0-7

Description: Landscaper Pro is a professional grade grass fertiliser that is also used on golf courses. It is designed to give you a green and healthy lawn for up to 2 to 3 months after application. This pack of lawn fertiliser will cover up to 400m2 of lawn.

Coverage: Up to 400m2