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Habrantus Robustus Bulbs

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10 Habrantus Robustus Bulbs

Name: Habrantus Robustus Bulbs

Latin Name: Habrantus Robustus

Organic Certified: No

Bulb Origin: Netherlands

Description: Habrantus Robustus produces beautiful pink flowers. The plants will grow to roughly 20cm in height.

Planting: January to May

Flowering: July to October

How To Grow Habrantus Robustus Bulbs: Plant in the Spring when the ground is not too cold and is well drained. Plant the bulb 10cm deep. Give it 15cm to 20cm of space.

Water regularly when growing and blooming. Fertilise when the foliage emerges from the ground each year.

Cut back the foiage after it has yellowed to insure proper nourishment of the bulb for the next season.