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Moss Master - 80m2

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Moss Master is a child and pet friendly natural moss remover and feed. It kills moss leaving no black patches and no staining. The addition of friendly bacteria digests and removes moss whilst transforming it into feed. Moss Master will green your lawn in 7 days and will feed it for 3 months too.

  • No raking required.
  • No black patches.
  • Feeds for 3 months.
  • Greens in 7 days.
  • Child, pet and wildlife friendly.

Why Use

Westland Moss Master is an organo-mineral fertiliser, which enhances lawn and root health. It is rich in organic matter & slow release nutrients which feed the lawn for up to 3 months.

It kills moss with no blackening and no staining. The addition of the dual action bacteria, digests moss and thatch and converts in into organic lawn feed. Westland Moss Master is also safe for children, pets and wildlife.

Expected Results

After 7 days the lawn will become greener, dead moss will appear 2-3 weeks after application. There’s no need to rake dead moss as this will be broken down into organic matter.

When to use

Apply when the grass is actively growing from March to September. Repeat after 3 months if required. For best results apply after cutting the lawn and remove clippings for better contact with soil and moss. Apply when the soil is moist and the grass is dry. Do not apply when soil is dry, during freezing conditions or when frost is expected.

How to use

It is good practice to wear gloves when using the product. This pack treats 80sq.m, equivalent to 8 car parking spaces. 1 parking space = 2 x 5 metres = 10sq.m

Mark out the areas to be treated. Apply the granules thinly and evenly to ensure the same result across the entire lawn. Do not exceed the application rate. Apply 100-150 grams per square metre over lawns infested with moss. To use as a lawn feed only, apply at 45-100 grams per square metre.

To Finish

Water granules in well within 48 HOURS if no rain falls to activate the fertiliser. We recommend waiting 7-10 days before mowing for maximum effect. After 7 days the grass will become greener. Dead moss will appear 2-3 weeks after application.
There is no need to rake, dead moss will be broken down and converted into organic matter. Re-treatment may be necessary for heavy moss infestations or if moss returns.