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Weed Control Fabric 24m x 1m

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This is a twin pack of two rolls. Each roll is 12 metres long and 1 metre wide.

Weedstop™ Classic is the ideal solution to suppress weeds in your beds and borders. By laying this weed contol fabric before you put soil into your flower/shrub bed. It will suppress weed seeds that can germinate from the soil underneath. It also makes weeding your flower beds easier in the future, as any weeds that do grow in the bed, their roots can only go as deep as the fabric, making them easier to pull out.

  • 45gsm
  • Suitable for lighter duty tasks.
  • Water Pore™ treatment allows water and nutrients to pass through.
  • 5 year guarantee.

How to lay Weedstop™ Weed Control Fabric

You will need pegs, a hammer and scissors to complete the job.

weedstop step 1

Clear area of vegetation and weeds. Roll out enough Weedstop™ fabric to cover the required area and cut to size.

weedstop step 2

For maximum effect, overlap the Weedstop™ fabric and secure in place with fabric pegs.

weedstop step3

For planting, simply cut a cross section into the Weedstop™ fabric, fold back edges and plant directly into soil.

For landscaping, simply cut to size and lay Weedstop™ fabric covering the required area, over lapping and pegging for extra protection before placing any materials on it.