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Garlic: Wild Organic Seed

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30 Organic Wild Garlic Seeds [approx]

Name: Garlic: Wild

Latin Name: Allium ursinum

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Height: 40-50 cm

Seed Origin: Germany

Description: Wild Garlic is a native plant to Ireland. It can sometimes still be found growing wild in woodlands in Ireland. It produces beautiful white flowers and it gives off a nice garlic scent as you pass the plants.

The whole wild garlic plant is edible. It has a milder flavour than the usual garlic found in shops. Wild Garlic plants grown from seed can take a couple of years to become established. Once they do, they will spread quickly by the seeds the flowers produce at the end of the growing season, and from the small bulbs multiplying.

It is also well known as Ramsons Garlic

Sowing: October to March

Flowering: April to June

How To Grow Wild Garlic From Seed: Wild Garlic can be started in seedling modules or small pots, or planted directly where it is to grow. It is best planted in Autumn/ early Spring as the seeds need to be exposed to a period of cold to help them germinate. Germination can be slow, taking up to 10 weeks.

If starting the seeds in modules/pots. Keep them in a sheltered area outdoors once you have planted the seeds. Wait until the seedlings are well established before planting them in their final spot. This could be up to 2 years after sowing the seeds.

If sowing them directly where they are to grow, the seeds will do best sown in bare ground. Remove any obvious weeds in the area as the seedlings are establishing. Wild Garlic will do best growing in partial shade.

Once your Wild Garlic plants have established, the leaves and flowers can be eaten. Use them sparingly in the first few years so as the plants have the chance to establish. Eating the bulb is also possible, but be aware that by doing so, you are removing a full plant.

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