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Hollyhock: Arabian Nights Organic Seed

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30 Organic Arabian Nights Hollyhock Seeds [approx]

Name: Hollyhock: Arabian Nights

Latin Name: Alcea rosea var. nigra

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Height: 180cm - 200cm

Description: Arabian Nights Hollyhock is a deep maroon colour, it could almost be described as black. It grows tall and produces masses of single, open flowers that are very attractive to bees. Due to its height, it is best sown at the back of the flower bed.

Seed Origin: Germany

Sowing: March to June

Flowering: June to October

How To Grow Hollyhock From Seed: Hollyhock seeds can be started indoors or outdoors. When starting them indoors, plant the seeds in deep pots or deep trays, as hollyhock develops a tap root that does not like too much disturbance. Sow a couple of seeds per pot. When the seedlings establish, thin them to leave the strongest one in each pot. Transplant them to their final spot in the garden when frost risk has passed.

Alternatively, the seeds can be planted directly into the area the plants are to grow when frost risk has passed.

Hollyhock may produce flowers in its first year if it is started early enough. More often than not, it does not flower until its second year of growth. Depending on the plant's location, it may need to be staked to keep it standing up straight.

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