At Seeds Ireland we are passionate about providing high quality organic and open-pollinated seed to all of our customers. If you are unfamliar with the term, open-polinated seed is seed that comes from plants where pollination has happenned naturally.

The benefits of using open-pollinated seed are that these seeds have been around much longer than F1 hybrid or genetically modified seed, and they have evolved with our environment, meaning the plants they produce are much more genetically diverse and have a much higher benefit to pollinators such as bees and butterflies. 

Another benefit of open-pollinated seed is that if you save the seeds the plant produces at the end of the season and you plant them the following year, the same plant will grow for you the following year. This is not always the case with F1 hybrid and genetically modified seed.

The business is run by Brian Faulkner and Stacey Hehir. We have a love of gardening and growing our own food. We are also passinate about taking care of our envirnoment. We set the business up in 2020 when it was very difficult for Irish gardening and vegetable growing enthusiasts to buy organic seed as a result of Brexit. 

We want to make sure organic and open-pollinated seed is always available to Irish people who want to use it, and we want to encourage Irish people to use this type of seed. We hope that in the end, this business will have a positive impact on our environment, however big or small.

Thanks a lot for checking out our website. Happy growing :)

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