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Seed Saving Envelopes - Packs of 5

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Our seed saving packets are ideal for saving seeds to be planted the following year. Plants grown from open pollinated seeds will produce seed at the end of the season that can be saved, which will then produce broadly the same variety of plant as its parent, if planted in the following season.

This product conatins 5 of the pictured packs. There is a quantity discount available for this product. The discount will be appied automatically at checkout when the quantity of 5 packs ordered is above 3. You can see the discounts available in the above table.

All of the vegetable and flower seed stocked in our online shop is open-pollinated, perfect for seed saving!

After collecting your seed at the end of the season, you can use these packs to store them in, and keep the details of the seed being saved. They also make a great gift to give to someone, if filled with your own saved seeds.

On the front of the packets there is a section to write in the plant type, the variety, the date the seeds were saved, and a space to write the name of the seed saver (you!).

On the back of the pack there is a section to write in any good traits that the plant you are saving the seed from had. The art of good seed saving is to save the seeds from the plants with the best trait. Having somewhere to write these is will help you remember why you are saving the seed, and what to expect the follwing season.

There is also another section for growing notes. Everyones garden or growing area is a little bit unique in some way, and you may face your own specific challenges with certain crops at certain times. Any notes you take at the time of growing can be written on the pack, so it is readily available for viewing the following season.

As well as being useful, these seed saving packages are also beautiful. They have a peal and seal flap that closes securely Take a look at the video below. They are made in Ireland, and the paper they are made with is recyclable.

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