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  • Microgreens Growing kit
  • Microgreens Growing kit
  • 6 x Different organic microgreen seed varieties
  • Microgreens Growing kit
  • Trays and Watering can
  • Coco Coir Bricks
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Microgreens Starter Kit

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Whether you are thinking about starting to grow microgreens yourself, or if it is a gift for a loved one, this microgreens growing kit has everything needed for a beginner to get started growing microgreens.

Microgreens are miniature versions of typical vegetables/herbs/flowers. Essentially they are very young seedlings. They are full of flavour, colour and nutrients, and they are a lot of fun to grow. The time it takes to grow them ranges from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the variety. The varieties contained in this starter kit all grow in under 2 weeks when grown at room temperature.

They can be grown inside all year round on a window sill. They can also be grown using an artificial grow light or in a greenhouse/polytunnel, or in a conservatory.

They are a great way to introduce people (especially young people/children) to growing their own food, as they provide quick and easy results. Countless people have started with growing microgreens and then got the "bug" to continue their grow their own journey and moved on to full scale vegetable growing.

Microgreens growing is also great even for seasoned growers. As seasoned growers are surely missing the joy of growing and harvesting food throughout Winter months, microgreens provide a way to continue the cycle of growing and eating home grown food throughout Winter.

A great present for yourself or a loved one!


  • 3 x  10" x 10" shallow trays without holes.
  • 2 x  10" x 10" shallow trays with holes.
  • 2 x  7 litre coco coir bricks (enough to make 12 trays).
  • 1 x Mini 2L watering can.
  • 6 x Different organic microgreen seed varieties (enough for over 30 trays).
  • 1 x Growing instructions.

The 6 seed varieties included:

  • 50g Organic Calabrese Broccoli Seed
  • 50g Organic China Rose Radish Seed
  • 300g Organic Green Pea Seed
  • 50g Organic Red Cabbage Seed
  • 50g Organic Rocket Seed
  • 100g Organic Sunflower Seed


The trays included with this microgreens kit are 10 x 10 inches in size. They are nice manageable trays for a beginner to handle. There are an uneven amount of trays as one of the trays without holes is used to cover the seeds. This is explained in the instructions which are included. More information on the trays included can be seen here.

Coco Coir Bricks

The microgreens starter kit contains two coconut coir bricks, or coco coir for short. These bricks are compressed coconut coir. When 3 litres of water is added to each brick, it expands to make 7 litres of growing medium. Coconut coir makes for a good growing medium to get started with microgreens. Enough growing medium will be produced by these two bricks to make 12 trays of microgreens

Mini Watering Can

The mini 2L watering can that is included ithe the growng kit is the perfect tool for watering the trays when they have just been seeded and when they are actively growing. It comes with a rosette, which helps to spred the water gently over the seeds. The size of the can also makes it very manageable and easy to store around the house.

Organic Microgreen Seeds

The seeds included in this microgreens growing kit are all organic. The varieties that have been selected to put in the kit have been chosen based on their popularity and their ease of growing. Having success when starting to grow microgreens is important, that's why we have chosen these varieties, they are all quite easy to grow. There is also a variety of taste and colour from these varieties.

Pea, sunflower, radish and rocket all have a very distinct flavour. Broccoli and red cabbage are somewhat similar to each other. There are enough seeds in this microgreens growing kit to seed over 30 trays.


The microgreens starter kit comes with 5 pages of detailed instructions on how to use everything included, so that you have success growing microgreens for the first time. In the instructions, we also offer our assistance through email if you require help in growing your first microgreens.


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