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  • Broad Bean Super agua dulce
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Broad Bean: Superaguadulce Organic Seed

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15 Organic Broad Bean Superaguadulce Seeds [approx]

Name: Broad Bean: Superaguadulce

Latin Name: Vicia faba

Description: Superaguadulce is a great variety to sow in Autumn as it is very hardy. It is easy to grow and it also produces a heavy crop. It has a good taste and texture. The beans can grow up to 25 cm in length. Broad Beans are also known as Fava Beans.

Germination Rate: 70%

Seed Origin: Italy

Sowing: February to May.....October to November

Harvesting: April to August

How To Grow Broad Bean Superaguadulce From Seed: For an early crop, start inside from February to April in pots/seedling modules. Sow 1 seed per pot/cell. Transplant seedlings to their final place when frost risk has passed.

Alternatively, sow directly outside when temperatures have risen to above an average of 12 degrees Celsius. Sow the seeds in drills that are 60cm apart, leaving a spacing of 20cm between seeds.

Superaguadulce seeds can also be started in Autumn under protection for an early crop in the following year.

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