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Calendula Officinalis: Pot Marigold Organic Seed

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100 Organic Calendula Officinalis Seeds [approx]

Name: Pot Marigold

Latin Name: Calendula officinalis

Plant Type: Annual

Description: Calendula has singular, orange flowers with a dark heart. It is very easy to grow. It is used for medicinal, cosmetic and culinary purposes. Pot Marigold flowers are edible, and can be used to garnish dishes, and for seasoning. 

Germination Rate: 85%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to May. August to September

Flowering: May to October

How To Grow Pot Marigold From Seed: Calendula is an easy flower to grow. The seed can be sown directly in the location outside that you desire. Scatter the seeds evenly, and cover very lightly with soil. Make sure the area is kept moist through germination. When the seedlings are 5cm to 10cm tall, thin them out and leave a spacing of 20cm between each plant.

Alternatively, grow in pots using the same directions as above. Calendula Marigold can bloom in every month of the year. The flowers of Calendula are edible and will brighten up any dish.

Pot Marigold can also be sown from August to September to produce flowers that will bloom early in the following year.