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Carrot: Mixed Colours Organic Seed

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700 Organic Mixed Colour Carrot Seeds [approx]

Name: Carrot: Mixed Colours

Latin Name: Daucus carota sativus

Description: This colourful mixture of carrots not only varies in colour but also in their shapes. Some are straight and some are shaped more like parsnips. There are 4 different varieties in this mix, including the colours orange, yellow, purple and white. The varieties are slow growing and are best planted as early in the season as possible. They all store very well.

The varieties included in the mix are Riesen von Colmar 2, Gniff, Küttiger and Jaune du Doubs.

Jaune du Doubs
A traditional variety from the Doubs region of eastern France. Long tapered yellow carrots with green shoulders.

Riesen von Colmar 2
Slow growing giant red variety that stores very well.

Purple outer skin, white inside, very attractive, but colour loses intensity during cooking.

Traditional white Swiss carrot variety. It grows fairly short.

Germination Rate: 79%

Sowing: March to May

Harvesting: August to October

How To Grow Mixed Colour Carrots From Seed: Carrots do best in a deep, rich, fine soil. First sowings can be done from March onwards, undercover in a greenhouse or polytunnel for an earlier crop. Seeds can be sown directly outdoors from May onwards. These varieties are best planted as early as possible, as they are slow growers. 

When sowing; sprinkle the seed evenly into shallow drills and cover with fine soil. Thin the seedlings as they grow to leave a distance of 5 to 6cm. Be sure to keep the plot free from weeds. 

Customer Reviews

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k (Ireland)

Very slow to germinate, Plenty weeds coming through the freshly turned soil long before any carrot making it difficult to find the carrots.

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