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Chervil: Fijne Krul Organic Seed

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1000 Organic Chervil Seeds [approx]

Name: Chervil: Fijne Krul

Latin Name: Anthriscus Cerefolium

Description: Chervil is an annual herb. Its fresh leaves can be used in soup, salad and many other dishes to add flavour. Chervil can also commonly be called French Parsley.

Germination Rate: 96%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to September

Harvesting: April to November

How To Grow Chervil From Seed: Chervil can be grown in pots or directly in your garden. Using small pots or seedling modules, sow a pinch of seed in each pot and lightly cover with compost and keep moist.

When the seedlings develop their first set of true leaves, transplant them into bigger pots or to their final place in the garden.

Alternatively, sow the seed evenly, directly into a prepared bed outside. When the seedlings become established, thin them out to leave a spacing of 20cm between the plants.

Harvest regularly to keep the plant producing fresh new leaves.

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