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Dahlia: Mixed Organic Seed

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30 Organic Mixed Dahlia Seeds [approx]

Name: Dahlia: Mixed

Latin Name: Dahlia hortensis

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 40-50 cm

Description: Dahlia produces beautiful single flowers of red, white, pink, purple and yellow. It has a long blooming period, and lasts well into Autumn when nothing much else is still flowering. Dahlia, technically classed as a tender perennial, can survive outside over Winter if Winter is not too severe. Otherwise, the rhizomes can be dug up in Autumn, and replanted the following Spring.

Germination Rate: 84%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to June

Flowering: June to October

How To Grow Dahlia From Seed: Using seedling modules or small pots, sow 2 Dahlia seeds in each cell/pot. When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one in each cell/pot. 

Transplant out to the garden when frost risk has passed. Dahlias are quick to flower, flowers can be produced as quickly as 12 weeks after planting.

In Autumn, after Dahlias are finished flowering, their rhizomes can be dug from the ground, stored over Winter, and planted again the following Spring. Divide the rhizomes to multiply the number of beautiful Dahlias in your garden.

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