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Dill Organic Seed

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1500 Organic Dill Seeds [approx]

Name: Dill

Latin Name: Anethum graveolens

Description: Dill is an annual herb. It is easy to grow, and when it is left to produce its nice yellow flowers, it will attract bees, butterflies and many other pollinators to your garden. The leaves, flowers, and seeds of Dill have many culinary uses.

Germination Rate: 90%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to June

Harvesting: July to September

How To Grow Dill From Seed: Sow Dill directly outdoors from April to June. Loosen and break up the soil where you intend to plant the seeds. Dill has a taproot that grows downwards, which does not like when it meets resistance. Sow the seeds thinly and cover lightly with soil. When the seedlings become well established, thin to leave a spacing of 20cm between the plants.

Alternatively, start indoors in a seedling module or pots. Plant out when the seedlings are 10-15cm tall. Do not wait too long to plant out, as it can inhibit the taproot. Dill also grows well in large containers.

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