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Feverfew Organic Seed

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700 Organic Feverfew Seeds [approx]

Name: Feverfew

Latin Name: Tanacetum parthenium

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Height: 50-60 cm

Description: Feverfew produces masses of beautiful daisy-like flowers that are about 2.5cm in diameter. Feverfew boasts a rich history of being used as a herbal remedy.

Seed Origin: Germany

Sowing: February to June

Flowering: June to October

How To Grow Feverfew From Seed: Feverfew seeds can be sown directly where they are to grow when risk of heavy frost has passed, or started earlier indoors using seedling modules or small pots.

Sow a pinch of seed in each cell/pot, or directly in the garden. Barely cover the seeds with fine compost or vermiculite. Keep the area moist throughout germination. Germination can take up to four weeks.

When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one in each cell/pot. Give each plant 30cm of space in its final position. Feverfew prefers to grow in full sun.

If planted early enough in the year, Feverfew may produce flowers in its first year. Normally the plants flower in their second year.

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