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Foxglove Organic Seed

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1000 Organic Foxglove Seeds [approx]

Name: Foxglove

Latin Name: Digitalis Purpurea

Plant Type: Biennial

Plant Height: 120 cm

Description: Foxgloves are a native wild flower of Ireland. Foxgloves are an important source of pollen to bees, and they are especially attractive to them. Bees can be seen climbing into the tube shaped flowers all summer. The flowers are generally purple, and rarely white. There are many different common names for Foxgloves, including: Fairy Thimbles, Witches Gloves, Dead Mens Bells, and Goblin Gloves!

Germination Rate: 92%

Seed Origin: Austria

Sowing: March to October

Flowering: May to August

How To Grow Foxglove From Seed: Foxglove seeds are very small and need light to germinate. For that reason, they only need to be pressed down onto loose soil/compost.

Foxglove seeds can be started indoors 2 to 3 months before the last frost. Scatter the seeds evenly on a seedling module or tray, and press the seeds into loose compost. Transplant seedlings to bigger pots once they establish. Plant out after frost risk has passed.

Alternatively, sow thinly, directly into your garden from May onwards. After the seedlings establish, thin to leave a 35cm spacing between plants.

Foxgloves will produce only foliage in their first year. They will produce flowers in the second year. The flowers are generally purple, and rarely white. Very attractive to bees.

Customer Reviews

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Very happy with them but is it to late to sow

c.m. (Ireland)

I have planted my foxglove seeds and already see them sprouting. Looking forward to having plants and flowers...Thank you.


Speedy delivery will wait until spring to sow

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