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Garden Cress: Cressida Organic Seed

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3000 Organic Cress Seeds [approx]

Name: Garden Cress: Cressida

Latin Name: Lepidium sativum

Description: Garden Cress is a fast and easy to grow crop. It can be grown all year round indoors on a window sill. Cress will be ready to harvest 7 to 12 days after planting, depending on the temperature it’s exposed to. It has a spicy and peppery flavour, and makes a great addition to salads and sandwiches. It is also known as Common Crees and Pepper Cress.

Germination Rate: 96%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: February to September

Harvesting: February to October

How To Grow Cress From Seed: Prepare the area where you are going to grow your cress seeds. Pots or a tray will work best. Use fine compost as the growing medium, or some paper towels instead. Wet the growing medium before adding your seed. Spread the seed evenly onto the growing medium, and then press it in gently with the palm of your hand. Block out light while the seed germinates by placing the tray/pot in a dark area, or by covering it with paper. The seeds should germinate in 3 to 4 days. When they germinate, place them in sunlight in a greenhouse, on a window sill, or simply out in the garden. Harvest them when they are somewhere between 5cm and 10cm in height.

Cress can also be sown directly into a prepared outdoor bed. The only danger is that excessive rain and wind can damage these delicate plants.

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