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  • Lettuce Cos Little Gem
  • Lettuce Cos Little Gem
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Lettuce: Cos Little Gem Organic Seed

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200 Organic Little Gem Lettuce Seeds [approx]

Name: Lettuce: Cos Little Gem

Latin Name: Lactuca Sativa

Description: Little Gem lettuce is a dwarf growing Cos variety. It is the best selling gardeners lettuce and can be sown right throughout the growing season. A real gardeners favourite.

Germination Rate: 99%

Seed Origin: Austria

Sowing: March to July

Harvesting: May to October

How To Grow Little Gem Lettuce From Seed: Sow seed in modules of good organic seed compost throughout the growing season. Little Gem Lettuce can also be planted under cover throughout Autumn and Winter months. 

Transplant into the growing site when large enough at a distance of 20-30cm.

Lettuce can be sown outside from late March onward in most seasons. Sow in shallow drills and thin to the spacing above.

Water during periods of dry spells.

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