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  • Lettuce Cut and Come Again Catalogna
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Lettuce: Cut and Come Again Catalogna Organic Seed

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Name:  Lettuce: Cut and Come Again Catalogna 

Latin Name: Lactuca sativa

Description: Lettuce Catalogna is a loose leaf, cut and come again lettuce. It is a very tasty lettuce. It is firm, with dark green incised leaves. It does not bolt quickly, and it is not very sensitive to diseases. Frequent harvesting will increase growth and promote leaves to "come again". Also grown as a baby leaf.

Germination Rate: 99%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to June

Harvesting: May to October

How To Grow Cut and Come Again Lettuce From Seed: Sow from March onwards under protection, either in pots or seed starting modules. When large enough to handle, transplant outside, setting plants 20-25cm apart.

Alternatively, direct sow mid-April onwards into 2cm deep drills, and thin to one plant per 20-25cm when large enough to handle.

Cut regularly to encourage a constant supply of new leaves. New leaves are sweeter than larger, older leaves. This lettuce performs best if it is not let grow taller than 30cm.

Seed count is approximate.

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