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Love In A Mist Organic Seed

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400 Organic Love In A Mist Seeds [approx]

Name: Love In A Mist

Latin Name: Nigella damascena

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 30-50 cm

Description: Love in a Mist produces white, to light blue flowers that are surrounded by a nice, Fennel-like green foliage. When Love in a Mist goes to seed, the seed capsules are also very decorative and beautiful to look at. It is a beneficial plant to pollinators.

Germination Rate: 89%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to June

Flowering: July to August

How To Grow Love In A Mist From Seed: Love in a Mist does best when it is sowed directly where it is to grow. Loosen the soil, and make shallow drills. Sow the seeds thinly in the drills, and cover lightly with soil. When the seedlings become established, thin them out to leave the strongest plant every 20cm.

When the plant is in flower, remove the dead heads to stop the plant producing seed, so the flowering period is prolonged. When love in a Mist does go to seed, the capsule that holds the seed is almost as pleasing to the eye as the flower.

Love in a Mist can also be sown in Autumn for flowers early in the following year.

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