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Luffa Organic Seed

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10 Organic Luffa Seeds [approx]

Name: Luffa or Loofah

Latin Name: Luffa cylindrica

Description: Luffa gourd plants grow in a similar way as cucumbers. It forms long fruits that can grow up to 30cm in length. It is also commonly called Loofah or Loofa. The fruit from the plant can be eaten when it is immature.

If it is left to grow to full maturity the fruits can be dried and peeled for the sponge that is inside! The sponge has many uses such as an exfoliating skin sponge! If allowed, Luffa can grow 3 to 4 metres high.

Germination Rate: 97%

Seed Origin: Austria

Sowing: February to April

Harvesting: July to September

How To Grow Luffa From Seed: Luffa seeds can be started indoors from February. Using small pots or a seedling module, sow one seed per cell/pot and leave to germinate inside at room temperature. Germination can take up to 3 weeks.

When the seedlings are established and frost risk has passed, transplant them to their final spot in a greenhouse/polytunnel, or a warm area of the garden that gets full sun.

Luffa will need to be supported by a fence or something similar. Support by strings or wire in the polytunnel, so the fruits can hang is also an option.

For edible fruits, pick them when they are approx 15cm in length. For sponges, let the fruits turn yellow and get lighter in weight. Peel the skin to reveal the sponge.

Seed count is approximate.

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