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Onion Sets: Electric (This product & any other product bought along with it will be delivered to you at the end of September 2023)

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Important: Flower bulbs, Garlic and Onion Sets will be delivered to you at the end of September 2023. Any other items bought in the store together with these items will also be delivered at the end of September. If you would like the other items delivered now, please make a seperate order. If we receive our stock of bulbs before the end of September, we will deliver your order sooner. In the unlikely event your chosen variety(s) do not become available. We will offer you the closest alternative or a full refund.

Electric onion is a reliable red variety of onion. These bulbs can be planted from September to November. 

Available in quantities of:

75 bulbs & 250 bulbs. 

Planting: September to November

Origin: Netherlands

Certified Organic: No