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Seeds Ireland

Organic Compost For Seed Starting & Microgreens

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Living Green Organic Seed Compost - 40 litres

This compost is approved for use in organic production. It is produced in Ireland by the Crossan Family in Donegal under the brand name Living Green. It is created by the castings of worms.

Worms digest organic matter converting it into compost that has a very fine structure. It is ideal for planting seeds in and growing microgreens. It is also a sustainable way to create compost

research has shown that using Worm Cast compost improves plant size, root growth, colour, bloom quantity and quality for flowers. Fruit and vegetable tests have shown yield increases as well as improvements in taste and appearance. 

Living Greens philosophy is to Use Nature To Enhance Nature.

The bag it comes in is also 100% recyclable.

We can only deliver this compost to Ireland & Northern Ireland.

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