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  • Organic Vegetable liquid plant food
  • Organic Vegetable liquid plant food
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Organic Vegetable Liquid Plant Food - 1L

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Westland Organic Vegetable Plant Food is a specially tailored feed. It provides all the essential nutrients to boost vegetable growth. Whether in a raised bed or planter, a grow bag or even in the ground; feed your crops weekly. This will give you an abundance of stronger, healthier, tastier vegetables.

  • Makes 20 applications.
  • NPK = 3 - 0.9 - 2.6
  • Ideal for all types of vegetables.
  • Slow release feed that boosts nutrient availability for tasty crops.
  • Phosphorus encourages strong roots.
  • Produces and abundance of vegetables and fruits.
  • Rich in organic nutrients.

When to use

Apply every 7-14 days from early spring (Mar) to late summer (Aug) for seedlings, plugs and growing plants.

How to use

  • Shake well before use.
  • Fill a watering can with 4.5L of water. 
  • Measure 50ml using the dosing cap.
  • Mix the feed into the watering can.
  • Without wetting the foliage, apply around the plant until saturated.

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