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Peat Free Growing Discs - 50 Pack

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These Peat Free Compost Growing Discs are a fantastic way to provide your young seedlings with the best possible start in life. The growing pellets will protect them from damage while also allowing the easy aeration of root structure. Simply add water to expand and add seeds. You can then pot up or plant out.

  • 100% natural coir compost – peat free.
  • Soak in water to hydrate before planting.
  • Ideal for sowing individual seeds. Small to medium size seeds do best in these discs.
  • No root disturbance – pot up or plant.
  • For use in any seed planting pot or tray.
  • Pack of 50 Peat Free Compost Growing Discs.

Size: Diameter: 3.5cm

 How To Use:

  1. Place in luke warm water to expand the pellets.
  2. Place seed or cutting into each pellet.
  3. Place in a bright position but not in direct sunlight.
  4. Never allow pellets to dry out and keep them moist at all times.

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