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  • Propagation set with seedling module
  • Humidity Dome
  • Humidity Dome Vent
  • Propagation set with seedling module
  • Propagation set with seedling
  • 72 Cell Seedling Module
  • Large Tray No Holes
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Propagation Set For Seed Starting

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This set contains the following:

  • 1 x Propagation Tray Without Holes.
  • 1 x 72 Cell Seedling Module.
  • 1 x Humidity Dome.

This is the perfect set for getting seeds started in. The 72 cell seedling module sits snugly inside the propagation tray. This allows the plugs to be quickly watered from underneath when they are growing.

The humidity dome sits on top of the seedling module and propagation tray. The humidity dome keeps moisture locked inside and will stop the compost in the seedling module from drying out, which will give your seeds their best chance to germinate. The humidity dome will also keep heat inside it, creating a mini greenhouse for your seeds.

When the seedlings start to grow, the vents on top of the humidity dome can be opened or closed to allow air in, or to keep more heat inside, which will promotoe seedlings to grow quicker.


  • Total Height of all three together: 26cm
  • Full lenght: 50cm
  • Full Width: 25cm

Seedling Module Specifications

  • Full lenght: 50cm
  • Full Width: 25cm
  • Cell Size: 38mm x 38mm

Propagation Tray Specifications

  • Depth of Tray: 6cm
  • Full lenght: 54cm
  • Full Width: 28.5cm

Humidity Dome Specifications

  • Full lenght: 55cm
  • Full Width: 29cm
  • Total Height Including Handle: 19cm
  • Space Between Seedling Module & Top Of Humidity Dome: 17cm


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