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Radish: French Breakfast 2 Organic Seed

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200 Organic French Breakfast 2 Radish Seeds [approx]

Name: Radish: French Breakfast 2

Latin Name: Raphanus sativus

Description:  French Breakfast 2 Radish is an elongated radish with edible leafy greens on top. The French breakfast radish has a mild peppery flavor and crisp texture.

Germination Rate: 98%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: February to September

Harvesting: April to October

How To Grow French Breakfast Radish From Seed: Sow the seeds evenly in rows that are 15cm apart. Cover lightly with soil and keep the area damp. Germination will only take a few days. Thin out the seedlings to leave 5cm between plants.

French Breakfast Radish is a fast grower. In warm temperatures, they can be ready to harvest in as little as 3 weeks. Sow your radish seeds a little bit at a time every couple of weeks so that you have a steady fresh supply.

Best grown under cover from February to April. Sow directly outside from April onwards.

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