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Spinach: New Zealand Organic Seed

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20 Organic New Zealand Spinach Seeds [approx]

Name: Spinach: New Zealand

Latin Name: Tetragonia tetragonioides

Description: New Zealand spinach looks very different to ordinary spinach. It also grows differently too. Where regular spinach generally does better in lower temperatures, New Zealand Spinach enjoys higher temperatures. It is a very vigorous plant that spreads outwards.

Germination Rate: 81%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to June

Harvesting: June to October

How To Grow New Zealand Spinach From Seed: New Zealand Spinach seeds can be sown indoors using a seedling module or small pots. Plant 2 seeds in each cell/pot. The germination of this variety can be slow, it germinates best at room temperature. After the seeds germinate, remove the weaker of the 2 seedlings.

When the seedlings establish, they can be transplanted to the garden when frost risk has passed. Alternatively, sow the seeds directly outside when risk of frost has passed.

New Zealand Spinach spreads outwards. Harvest the young leaves to encourage new growth. Use the leaves as you would regular spinach.

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