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  • Squash Musquee de Provence
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Squash: Musquee de Provence Organic Seed

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10 Organic Musquee de Provence Squash Seeds [approx]

Name: Squash: Musquee de Provence

Latin Name: Cucurbita moschata

Description: Musquee de Provence is a French Heirloom variety of Squash. It produces deep ribbed fruit that changes from green, to a creamy orange colour when it ripens. The flesh inside is orange.

Germination Rate: 98%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to May

Harvesting: September to October

How To Grow Musquee de Provence Squash From Seed: Musquee de Provence is best started indoors. Using small pots, sow 1 seed in each pot. After the seedlings have established, and developed their third set of leaves, they are ready to be transplanted to their final spot in the garden.

Make sure all risk of frost has passed before transplanting to the garden. Give each plant 60cm of space.

The fruit can grow to 8kg in weight. Harvest all of the fruit before the first Autumn frost. Musquee de Provence Squash will store for 3-4 months after harvesting.

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