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Sunflower: Giant Yellow Organic Seed

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80 Giant Yellow Sunflower Seeds [approx]

Name: Sunflower: Giant Yellow

Latin Name: Helianthus annuus

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 150-220 cm

Description: Giant Yellow Sunflower is the classic sunflower. It produces a very large yellow leafed head, with a dark brown centre. It can grow over 2 metres in height in the right conditions. Bees and butterflies love this plant. In Autumn, when the flowers are beginning to rot, the seeds can be easily saved for use the following season, or for eating!

Germination Rate: 99%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to May

Flowering: July to October

How To Grow Giant Yellow Sunflower From Seed: For early blooming Sunflowers, the seeds can be started inside in pots or seedling modules from February to March. Sow 1 seed per pot/cell. After the seedlings germinate and become established, transplant them into bigger pots, or directly to their final spot in the garden once the risk of heavy frost has passed.

Alternatively, sow directly into your flower bed from mid April onwards, sowing 2 seeds every 40cm.

Sunflowers will need to be supported by a stake or similar as they develop and grow taller. This classic variety can grow over 2 metres in height. It produces large yellow flowers, with a dark brown centre.

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