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Sunflower: Italian White Organic Seed

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40 Organic Italian White Sunflower Seeds [approx]

Name: Sunflower: Italian White

Latin Name: Helianthus debilis

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 100-120 cm

Description: A branching sunflower that produces lots of small cream white flowers that have dark centres. Helianthus debilis does not grow as tall as Helianthus annuus. It will grow to roughly just over 1 metre tall. It makes a lovely cut flower. The more flowers you pick, the more encouraged the plant is to grow more! Ideal for the back border of your flower bed.

Germination Rate: 89%

Seed Origin: Austria

Sowing: March to May

Flowering: July to October

How To Grow Italian White Sunflower From Seed: For early blooming Sunflowers, the seeds can be started inside in pots or seedling modules from March. Using a seedling module, or small pots, sow 2 seeds per pot/cell. After the seedlings germinate and become established, thin to leave only the strongest one in each pot/cell. Transplant them directly to their final spot in the garden once the risk of heavy frost has passed.

Alternatively, sow directly into your flower bed from mid April onwards, sowing 2 seeds every 40cm.

Helianthus debilis does not require support. It prefers direct sunlight. It produces small, cream white flowers with a black centre. It makes a lovely cut flower. The more flowers you pick, the more flowers it will produce.

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