How To Make A Flower Bulb Lasagne

Now is a great time to plant flower bulbs for some lovely colour next Spring.Planting a few different varieties of bulbs in a pot, that flower at different periods of time is a great way of making a quick and easy, long lasting flower display for next Spring. Sometimes this is called a bulb lasagne!If you plant a few different layers of bulbs as can be seen in the below picture, you’ll have a beautiful display of flowers in your pot from February to May.

Here is a great combination of bulbs that work well together:Bottom layer: Mixed variety Tulips and Queen of Night Tulips (flowering April to May and growing 40cm to 50cm in height.Middle layer: Mixed dwarf Daffodils (flowering in March and growing to 20cm in height)Top layer: Mixed variety Crocus and Pickwick Crocus (flowering in February and growing to 10cm in height)This combination contains bulbs that flower from February to May and also grow to a different range of heights, so it should make for a nice display come Springtime. There’s many other combinations and varieties you could choose from, but to get the best value from your pot, keep in mind the months the bulbs flower in.Below is a picture of the 3 different layers and how they were planted in the pot. They are planted closer together than you would normally plant them if you were planting them in a flower bed. This will ensure you get a really good display in Spring.You might wonder how the bottom layer of bulbs will make it to the top. Thankfully nature is wonderful, and these plants have the knack of manoeuvring their way through the other layers of bulbs and making it to the top and finding the light!

Happy growing :)

How To Make A Flower Bulb Lasagne

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