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1020 Microgreens Growing Trays WITHOUT Holes 10" x 20" (Shallow - Without Holes)

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Premium Shallow Trays - Without Holes.

  • 10" x 20" (25.4cm x 50.8cm) Professional Microgreens and Wheatgrass Growing Trays Without Holes.
  • Shallow In Depth For Ease Of Cutting Microgreens 1.58" (4cm)Depth.
  • Hard Wearing Plastic Trays That Will Last For Years. 
  • 1.5mm Thickness.
  • Outside Measurement Of Trays 10" x 20". (25.4cm x 50.8cm).
  • Inside Measurement Of Trays 9.5" x 19.25". (24.1cm x 48.9cm)

These are high quality trays that are ideal for growing a lot of microgreens in. These trays come with no holes in them. Size: 10x20x1.58 inches WxLxD.

The inside measurements of the trays are 9.5 inches x 19.25 inches WxLxD.

These 1020 shallow microgreens growing trays without holes are perfect to sit our 1020 shallow microgreens trays with holes inside. 

These trays are shallow in depth 1.58 inches, which makes harvesting microgreens and wheatgrass very easy and efficient. The shallowness of the trays also cuts down on the amount of soil needed to sow the microgreens seeds in. 

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