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1000ml Sprouting Jar With Food Safe Straining Lid

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This 1 Litre Sprouting Jar comes complete with a plastic straining lid, ideal for sprouting. This sprouting jar is ready to use. The legs attached to the lid leave room for water to drip out of the mesh. The jar just needs to be placed upside down on a saucer, or similar to catch dripping water.

The 4 larger sections in the mesh lid make it easy and quick to fill and drain water from the jar when rinsing. With this sprouting jar, it is not necessary to remove the lid when rinsing and straining.

The plastic that the lid is made from is BPA free food safe plastic.

Both the lid and the jar are dishwasher safe.

Included in this set:

1 x 1000ml Sprouting Jar

1 x Plastic Mesh Straining Stand Lid 

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