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Borage: White Organic Seed

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50 Organic White Borage Seeds [approx]

Name: Borage: White

Latin Name: Borago officinalis 'Alba'

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 50-70 cm

Description: Borage is officially classed as a herb, but it is widely grown for its beautiful star shaped flowers, which are edible. The flowers of this ‘Alba’ variety are white, which is a lot rarer compared to the traditional blue variety. Borage will do well in full sun, or in partial shade. Borage is highly beneficial to bees, which is why it also has the nickname “Bee Bread”. Even in wet weather, the nectar and pollen of the flowers remain available, due to the flowers hanging downwards.

Germination Rate: 78%

Seed Origin: Germany

Sowing: March to June

Flowering: June to September

How To Grow White Borage From Seed: White Borage seeds can be started indoors from March. Using seedling modules or small pots, sow two seeds in each cell/pot, and cover with 1cm of compost. When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one in each cell/pot.

Transplant out to the garden when frost risk has passed. Alternatively, sow directly outside when the risk of frost has passed. In favourable temperatures, Borage can begin flowering in as little as 6 to 8 weeks after planting. Borage produces lovely star shaped flowers that are edible. This variety produces beautiful white flowers, which is much rarer compared to the blue variety. A favourite of bees.

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