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Brussels Sprouts: Groninger Organic Seed

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Name: Brussels Sprouts: Groninger

Latin Name: Brassica Oleracea

Description: Groninger is an old variety of Brussel sprout, which has deveoped along with the environment for a very long time. Brussels Sprouts are ready to harvest in Winter, when not much else is, and obviously they go great with Christmas dinner!

Germination Rate: 92%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: February to May

Harvesting: October to December

How To Grow Brussels Sprouts From Seed: Brussels sprouts can be started indoors from February to March, and outdoors from April to May. Using a seedling module or small pots, sow 1 - 2 seeds per cell/pot. When the seedlings establish, cut the weaker seedling at its base to leave only one per pot.

After germination, the seedlings should be ready to be planted in their final spot after about one month. Plant them 70cm apart. If the seedlings were started inside, acclimatise them to the outside for a week before planting out.

The plants may need to be supported by stakes as they grow bigger. The sprouts are ready to harvest when they get to about 3cm in diameter. Harvest the sprouts before the leaves start to turn yellow.

Seed count is approximate.

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