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Chicory: Sugarloaf Organic Seed

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200 Organic Chicory Sugarloaf Seeds [approx]

Name: Chicory: Sugarloaf

Latin Name: Cichorium intybus

Description: Sugarloaf Chicory is a Large, leafy variety that looks similar to a Cos lettuce. It is a good choice to grow later in the season. This variety is also commonly referred to by its Italian name 'Pan di Zucchero' and also its French name 'Pain de Sucre'.

Germination Rate: 89%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: August to November

Harvesting: July to October

How To Grow Sugar Loaf Chicory From Seed: Sugarloaf Chicory is an ideal vegetable to sow a little later in the year, as it can withstand mild frosts. 

Sow directly outside from May onwards. Thin out the seedlings to leave a spacing of 30cm between each plant.

Harvest the leaves from the outside as needed, or cut the whole head when it fully develops. The inner leaves will be yellow due to a lack of sunlight exposure. All of the leaves are good to eat.

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