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  • Chicory Palla Rossa
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Chicory: Palla Rossa (radicchio) Organic Seed

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200 Organic Chicory Palla Rossa Seeds [approx]

Name: Chicory: Palla Rossa (radicchio)

Latin Name: Cichorium intybus L.

Description: Known both as Chicory and Radicchio Palla Rossa, this cabbage-like vegetable is a great choice to grow later in the season. It produces beautiful round heads of red/maroon and white leaves. It is mild tasting, and will add a crunch to any salad.

Sowing: June to August

Harvesting: August to October

How To Grow Chicory Palla Rossa From Seed: Sow the seeds evenly in a prepared shallow drill. When the seedlings establish, thin them to leave the strongest plant every 20cm. 

Palla Rossa should be ready to harvest after ten to twelve weeks. It can withstand some cold weather, but it is best to harvest it before any heavy frosts come. 

To harvest, pick the outer leaves as you need them, or cut the whole head at the base of the plant.

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