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Comfrey Organic Seed

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 20 Organic Comfrey Seeds [approx]

Name: Comfrey

Latin Name: Symphytum officinale

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Height: 80 cm

Description: Comfrey is a very useful plant. It is used as a medicinal herb and also as a green manure. It draws nutrients from deep in the soil into the plant. It grows quickly, and the leaves can be harvested to be used as a nutrient rich mulch. Officially it is a perennial herb, it will regrow and spread every year. It will do well in soggy ground.

Seed Origin: Germany

Sowing: March to May.....October to November

Flowering: July to August

How To Grow Comfrey From Seed: Comfrey seed can be sown in Autumn or Spring. When sowing in Autumn, use seedling modules or small pots. Sow two seeds per cell/pot. When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one. Keep them in the greenhouse over winter. As they grow bigger, pot them into bigger pots. Plant them in their final spot the following Spring.

Alternatively, sow the seeds directly where they are to grow in Spring. Sow 3 seeds where 1 plant is required as germination can be more erratic outdoors. Thin to leave only the strongest seedling when they establish. Keep the area damp.

Comfrey can be harvested after the plant flowers for the first time. Leave roughly 25cm of the plant in place to regrow.

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