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Corncockle Organic Seed

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70 Organic Corncockle Seeds [approx]

Name: Corncockle

Latin Name: Agrostemma githago

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 80-100 cm

Germination Rate: 73%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Description: Corncockle is a tall growing wildflower that produces an abundance of pink flowers with whitish centres. It was very common in corn fields before the introduction of herbicides in agriculture. It is now quite rare to find growing wild. It is a tall, wispy plant that can grow up to 1 metre in height.

Sowing: April to May…..September to October

Flowering: April to October

How To Grow Corncockle From Seed: Corncockle can be sown in Spring or Autumn. Sowing in Autumn will produce early flowers the following year. Using seedling modules or small pots, sow two seeds in each cell/pot. When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one in each cell/pot. Transplant outside to their final spot when frost risk has passed.

Alternatively, sow directly outside where you would like the plants to grow in Spring or Autumn. Corncockle grows easily from seed.

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