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Crimson Clover Organic Seed

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Organic Crimson Clover Seed

Name: Crimson Clover

Latin Name: Trifolium incarnatum

Plant Type: Annual

Plant Height: 30-60 cm

Description: Crimson Clover can serve two purposes. The first being as a lovely ornamental flower in a natural garden. It produces red feathery flowers, which are very attractive, and beneficial to bees and butterflies. 

It also serves as a way of improving a soil's fertility and structure. It fixes Nitrogen, meaning it takes in Nitrogen from the atmosphere, and it is stored within the plant. When Crimson Clover is dug, and mixed into the soil at the end of the growing season, organic matter is added to the soil, improving its structure. The Nitrogen and other nutrients contained within the plant will also be released into the soil, improving its fertility.

If sown later in Summer, it may not flower, but it will still do its job as a soil improver.

Germination Rate: 94%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to May

Harvesting: June to September

Coverage: 50g of Crimson Clover seed will cover 20m2...100g of Crimson Clover seed will cover 40m2

How To Grow Crimson Clover From Seed: Sow Crimson Clover seeds directly into the area where you want it to grow. Prepare the area by loosening and breaking up the soil. Spread the seeds thinly into the prepared area, aiming to leave roughly 2-5cm between each seed. Rake in the seed, so it is covered lightly by the soil. If no rain is due, water the area.

If you are growing Crimson Clover for its flowers, it should naturally reseed itself at the end of the growing season. 

If you are growing Crimson Clover as a soil improver in a crop rotation, cut the plants at their base not long after the plant's flowers begin to die off, before it has a chance to produce seeds. The cut plants can be left to rot on the ground before being worked into the soil, or they can be removed for composting.

50g of Crimson Clover seed will cover 20m2 of ground.

100g of Crimson Clover seed will cover 40m2 of ground.

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