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Organic Microgreen Seed: Daikon Radish

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Organic Daikon Radish Microgreens Seeds

Name: Daikon Radish Microgreen Seed

Latin Name: Raphanus sativus

Description: Daikon Radish microgreens are a quick and high yielding varitey of microgreen to grow. They have dark green leaves and a white/light green stem. They grow a little quicker than the other varieties of Radish. Add them to any salad, soup, sandwich, or on top of any dish really to add a nice spicy crunch.

Seed Origin: Italy

Grow Time: 6 - 8 Days

Ideal Growing Temperature: 17 °C +

Growing Medium: Fine Compost or Hydroponic Grow Medium

Seeding Rate: 20g to 28g per 10” x 20” Tray

Germination Time: 1 - 2 Days

Blackout Time: 3 - 4 Days

Estimated time to Harvest: 6 - 8 Days

How To Grow Daikon Radish Microgreens: Place a tray with holes inside a tray with no holes. Fill the tray with holes with an inch of fine compost. Compact the compost. Spread the Daikon Radish seeds evenly over the compost, leaving a small bit of space between each seed. Press the seeds into the soil. Water the seeds and soil. Place a tray with no holes on top of the seeds and soil. Add roughly 4kg of weight into the tray, so the seeds are kept pressed into the soil.

After 3 - 4 days the Daikon Radish microgreens will be pushing the weighted tray into the air. Remove the weighted tray. Water the microgreens from the top. Place them under a grow light, onto a window sill, or into light in a greenhouse. When in light, water each day by pouring water into the bottom, until day 6 - 8.

Between day 6 - 8, harvest all of the microgreens using a sharp knife or scissors. Store the harvested microgreens in the refrigerator.

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