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Nettle Organic Seed

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2000 Organic Nettle Seeds [approx]

Name: Nettle

Latin Name: Urtica dioica

Description: The stinging nettle is well known for the harsh sting it gives if you happen to stumble into it! What isn’t that widely known is its use as a medicinal herb, or that the young leaves can be eaten if cooked the same way as you would cook Spinach. Nettles can also be used to make an organic liquid fertiliser for other plants in the garden. Nettles can grow to over a metre in height.

Germination Rate: 

Seed Origin: Italy

Sowing: February to April....October to November

Harvesting: May to August

How To Grow Nettles From Seed: Before sowing nettle seeds, it is best to choose a suitable location to plant them. Nettles spread by their roots. It is best to plant them in large pots or in a location that you don’t mind having lots of nettles in.

Nettle seeds can be started inside in pots or seedling modules. Put a pinch of seed in each pot/cell and press it into the damp compost. Cover them very lightly with compost or not at all. Nettles seeds need some light to germinate.vKeep the seeds moist throughout germination. Transplant outdoors when the seedlings become established.

Alternatively, sow directly outdoors in shallow rows using the same directions as above.

Harvest the leaves for use before the plant flowers if you are planning to eat the leaves.

Allow the plants to fully establish before using them for fertilisation purposes.

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