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Onion Sets: Stuttgarter

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Description: Stuttgarter onion is a favourite onion variety of home growers. It produces medium to large round yellow onions. It is a favourite due to its great taste, and its storage capabilities. After harvesting in late Summer/Autumn, Onion Stuttgart can be stored until the following Spring. This variety is also commonly called Stuttgarter Riesen, or Giant Stuttgart.

Available in quantities of: 75 bulbs & 250 bulbs

Name: Onion Set: Stuttgarter

Latin Name: Allium Cepa

Bulb Origin: Netherlands

Organic Certified: No

Planting: February to April

Harvesting: June to August

How To Grow Onion Sets: Plant each bulb 5cm deep and 15cm apart into a well drained soil. Cover with soil and water thoroughly.

Adding some general fertiliser or manure into the ground before planting will provide a good source of nourishment for the bulb to grow.

A flower stem will come up in around June to produce a flower.

You must cut the head to keep all necessary resources within the bulb.

Once the foliage starts drooping, and becomes yellow, it is time to dig up the bulbs and put them out fro drying.

After digging them up, clean any excess soil off the bulbs. Tie them up in a bunch of 8 to 10 bulbs and hang them up in a dry and cool area for storage.