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Rhubarb: Victoria Organic Seed

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10 Organic Rhubarb Seeds [approx]

Name: Rhubarb: Victoria

Latin Name: Rheum rhaponticum L.

Description: Victoria Rhubarb is an old heritage/heirloom variety of Rhubarb. Rhubarb is a perennial vegetable that will provide you with food for many years. Victoria is a giant variety that produces wide, fleshy, red ribs. It has a very good taste quality.

Rhubarb is not hard to grow from seed, but it takes time before you can harvest it, approximately 2 years. That is why it is more commonly bought as an already established plant. It is satisfying to eat something after growing it for this long though, and delayed gratification always feels better than instant!

Germination Rate: 89%

Seed Origin: France

Sowing: March to May

Harvesting: April to July (2 years later)

How To Grow Rhubarb From Seed: Using seedling modules or small pots, sow one Rhubarb seed in each cell/pot. Seedlings should emerge after 10 to 30 days. When the seedlings grow to approx 10cm in height, they are ready to be transplanted to the garden.

Give each Rhubarb plant 1.5 metres of space in diameter to grow, as it will spread out in its first couple of years.

Rhubarb grown from seed should not be harvested in its first year as the leaves and stems are needed on the plant to help develop the plant's roots. Remove any flower stalks that appear to keep power going to the stems, leaves and roots.

In the plant's second year of growth, a small amount of stalks can be harvested, but it is best to keep them on the plant for its development.

After 2 years, in the plant's third season, all of the stalks can be harvested and eaten. Do not eat the leaves as they can be poisonous.

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