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Snapdragon Organic Seed

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800 Organic Snapdragon Seeds [approx]

Name: Snapdragon

Latin Name: Antirrhinum majus

Plant Type: Perennial

Plant Height: 50-70 cm

Description: Snapdragon flowers are produced on a tall spike. The colour of the flowers produced are mostly pink to purple, but it will flower in a variety of different colours. Interestingly, when bumblebees or other insects enter a snapdragon flower, the flower closes it's lips while pollen is being deposited. Snapdragon will flower continously from June to October. Snapdragon can grow to 50-70 cm in height.

Germination Rate: 95%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: March to May

Flowering: June to October

How To Grow Snapdragon From Seed: Using seedling modules or small pots, sow a pinch of seed in each cell/pot. Press the seeds into damp compost. Do not cover the seeds, as snapdragon seeds need light to germinate. When the seedlings establish, thin to leave only the strongest one in each cell/pot.

Transplant out to the garden when all frost risk has passed. Snapdragon can be sown directly outside from May onwards, but it does much better when started indoors. Germination outdoors can sometimes be erratic. 

Snapdragon is a very popular cut flower. To prolong the plant's flowering period, cut off the dead flowers before seed has a chance to form. This will help promote more flowering.

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