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  • Soil pH Testing Kit
  • Soil pH Testing Kit
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Soil pH Testing Kit

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Use this Gardman Soil pH Testing Kit for testing the pH level of the soil. It provides vital information needed to custom treat the soil to the crop. The kit is easy to use with instructions included and completes approximately 15 tests.

  • Contains potassium chloride and barium sulphate


  • Instruction leaflet
  • Plant pH preference list
  • Advice on altering pH

How To Use a pH Testing Kit

  • Remove the top 5cm (2″) of soil and place to one side
  • Break up the soil underneath to a depth of approximately 12cm (5″)
  • Place some of the lower level soil into a container and remove all stones and debris such as leaves and twigs
  • Break the soil up and leave to dry naturally
  • Once dry add the soil to the test tube up to the 1ml mark
  • Add one scoop of barium sulphate and add the pH test solution up to the 2.5ml mark
  • Put the cap on the test tube and shake. Leave to settle for 10 minutes
  • If the solution is taking too long to settle add another scoop of barium sulphate
  • Compare the colour against the chart to determine your soil’s pH level

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