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Swede: Friese Gele Organic Seed

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Not Available In 2024 Season.

300 Organic Swede Friese Gele Seeds [approx]

Name: Swede: Friese Gele

Latin Name: Brassica napus

Description: Swede Friese Gele, also known as Yellow Friesian Turnip, or Sweedish Turnip is a tuberous plant which is easy to grow. It is a traditional Swede with nice mild flavoured yellow flesh.

Germination Rate: 95%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to July

Harvesting: September to November

How To Grow Swede Friese Gele From Seed: Scatter the seeds evenly in shallow drills and cover lightly with soil. After germination, once the seedlings are established, thin them out so there is a distance of 25cm between the plants. 

You can start to harvest Swede Friese Gele once the roots are a little bit bigger than a golf ball. They will grow bigger in size the longer they are left in the ground, until they are fully mature.

Swede Friese Gele has a nice sweet taste to it.

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