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  • Sweet Corn Golden Bantam
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Corn: Sweetcorn Golden Bantam Organic Seed

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Name: Corn: Sweetcorn Golden Bantam

Latin Name: Zea mays

Description: Golden Bantam is an heirloom sweet corn. It matures quickly when exposed to good summer temperatures. It has a nice sweet flavour, and is at its best when it is consumed the day it is harvested. It also freezes well for corn on the cob eating later in the year. Corn requires a summer of good warm weather to do well in Ireland. The plants can grow anywhere from 1 to 2 metre in height.

Germination Rate: 94%

Seed Origin: Netherlands

Sowing: April to May

Harvesting: August to October

How To Grow Sweet Corn From Seed: Corn needs good temperatures to grow well. It does best when sown directly outside. Prepare drills that are 75cm apart. Sow 2 seeds together every 25cm in the drills. Cover with roughly 3cm of soil. When the seedlings establish, thin them to leave only the strongest one. Corn will look like coarse grass in its early stages.

Water well throughout summer, especially if temperatures are higher than average. The plants can grow anywhere from 1 to 2 metres in height, and they have shallow roots, so it is best to plant them in an area that is somewhat wind protected.

When the tassels at the end of the cobs start to turn brown, peel back the leaves and pierce a kernel, if it produces liquid, harvest the corn.

Seed count is approximate.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Clare W. (United Kingdom)

They are growing well. Not nearly ready to harvest.

Richard B. (Ireland)

All seeds germinated

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